Mediated Divorces


When it's time, there's a better way...


In a mediated divorce the couple sits down with a mediator and, over a series of sessions, talks through, and then makes the decisions that will become the foundation of their Divorce Agreement. It is a way to create a plan for their future and their children’s future without the rancor and division that often comes from a divorce fought in court. 


Divorce is difficult for any family but there is a way to divorce which leaves people with a sense that they, their former partner and their children are going to be okay. This process is about the way forward not about the past. 


A mediated divorce allows the couple to create a plan that considers the needs of everyone in the family after the dissolution of the marriage by using a non-adversarial process that is usually much less expensive than a litigated divorce.


​Seth Levy and Patricia Pyle are certified mediators who have been mediating divorces since 2012. They work to create an environment in which couples can talk through and make decisions together.


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